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Smudge-Proof Mascara


  • take your lashes to great lengths with our gentle, quick- drying mascara enriched with emollients and botanicals.

    colour profile:  dense black.

  • apply as needed.

  • ingredients properties
    water (distilled)  
    rice bran wax mild emollient & thickener
    olive oil potent emollient
    efa and antioxidant rich
    cetyl alcohol (natural coconut-derived emulsifier) emulsifier
    carnuba wax hypoallergenic emollient & thickener
    candelilla wax emollient & firming agent
    organic vegetable glycerin humectant
    stearic acid (natural vegetable sourced) emulsifier
    acacia gum improves mascara's hold on lashes
    iron oxides rich black tone
    aminomethyl propanediol ph adjuster & buffering agent
    phenoxyethanol* preservative

    note:  because rocia® smudge-proof mascara contains water and other natural ingredients which can create a very hospitable breeding ground for microorganisms, we believe that an effective preservative (in this case, phenoxyethanol) is essential for ensuring safety when using a product so close to the eye area.  phenoxyethanol is a chemical that can be found naturally in green tea, however through trial and error we have determined that this natural source does not provide a reasonably effective protection against possible infection when used as a preservative.  the phenoxyethanol used in rocia® smudge-proof mascara is food-grade level, which is created with a “nature identical” chemical (added at a very low concentration).


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