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Rosacea-Prone Skincare System


  • our complete skincare system for rosacea-prone skin helps to reduce rosacea-like symptoms.

    step 1:
    our organic olive oil cleansing cake moisturizes while its creamy lather gently cleanses even the most delicate skin radiant.

    step 2:
    provar treatment lotion contains a potent blend of biological extracts specifically formulated for use on sensitive and reactive skin including rosacea.

  • for best results use this 2-step system morning & night.

    step 1:
    wash face & neck with olive oil cleaning cake, avoiding contact with eyes.  rinse off.

    step 2:
    apply provar treatment lotion as needed to area of concern.

  • olive oil cleansing cake

    ingredients properties
    saponified organic olive oil*

    chemical reaction - fats / oils combining with lye, resulting in 5 parts soap / 1 part organic glycerin

    antioxidant rich

    softens & moisturizes

    mineral salts

    provar treatment lotion

    ingredients properties
    water (distilled)  
    cetearyl olivate (and) sorbitan olivate certified natural emulsifier derived from olive oil
    potent hydration and moisturizing properties
    abies picea (spruce knot) extract potent antioxidant
    antimicrobial & moisturizing properties
    radish root ferment filtrate natural plant-based anti-microbial
    potent moisturizer
    propanediol* emollient

    *certified natural glycol alternative renewably-sourced from corn sugar.

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