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techniques & tips

rocia® mineral makeup application techniques

step 1 - cleanse & moisturize

cleanse and moisturize your face using the appropriate rocia® cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type. use your applicable rocia® toner before applying mineral makeup (minerals need something to adhere to).



step 2 - conceal

with rocia® pure mineral foundation you don't need a separate concealer! using a "fluff" brush (eye shadow brush) dip into foundation and tap...tap...tap away any excess powder. with a "painting" motion apply foundation to areas where extra coverage is needed such as blemishes, under-eye circles, age spots, etc.


step 3 - foundation


using a kabuki brush (dense, flat-top brush) dip into foundation. using lid as blending dish, tap away any excess powder and slightly pounce brush onto lid. gently spread foundation onto skin in a circular buffing motion starting on the outside of face near cheek bone. 


  • less is best! to achieve a natural flawless look, apply 2-3 very light layers of powder rather than 1 heavy layer.

step 4 - blush

following the "bulls eye technique", dip brush into mineral pigment, tap…tap…tap away any excess minerals and apply in a circular motion to cheek area. blend well.




  • rocia® minerals are pure pigment. remember, less is best! apply 1-2 very light layers of blush powder so the colour looks as if it’s naturally coming from the inside out.
  • for a “victoria beckham” look apply a medium blush shade under cheekbone and a lighter shade over the darker shade and on the ball of the cheek.

step 5 – brows

following the rocia® brow technique, dip angled brush into brow pigment, tap…tap…tap… away any excess minerals and apply with little strokes filling in sparse brows for a natural look.




  • make brows ½ to 1 shade darker than they are naturally.
  • keep brows as symmetrical as possible and follow their natural shape but remember, they don’t have to be perfect … eyebrows are sisters – not twins!

step 6 – eyes

using fluff brush, apply eyeshadow colour in a sweeping motion.

wash shades…apply to lid

… and to brow bone as highlighter on browbone

crease shades… apply thin line to crease area in a “windshield wiper motion”. this will make eyelid look larger and browbone stronger


liner… apply to lash line either dry (softer finish) or wet (bold finish).


  • wet-liner application – use container lid as blending dish, mix small amount of liner colour with water and apply … allow to dry.
  • don’t close line at the outer corner of eye as this will make eye appear smaller.
  • create matching nail colour by simply dipping nail polish wand from clear nail polish into any rocia® pigment and applying to nails.

step 7 - mascara

to separate & lengthen lashes, we recommend 1-2 applications allowing mascara to dry between coats.