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our story

 “the year was 2008.  after using eye makeup remover to peel off pesky glue residue from a sticker, we laughed - if eye makeup remover could easily remove harsh chemical glue, what was it doing to us?  could this be the real reason for our dry irritated eyes?  and if so, how many other beauty products in our homes were affecting us and our families?

in search of answers, we began a two year journey into the world of cosmetic chemistry, aromatherapy, herbalism and cosmetology.  by aligning ourselves with top professionals in the industry, we "unlearned" many of the standards of conventional health and beauty that we had been conditioned to accept over the years.  at the same time we also learned just what it meant to be a truly clean and natural-based company.  through persistence and hard work we eventually created our own line of affordable, premium, all-natural beauty products that could safely be used by anyone.

we started our company selling mineral makeup (the name rocia® being a variation of "roccia" - the italian word for mineral) and gradually developed the full line of products you’ll find in our current assortment.

when asked what we love most about our work, our answer is simply this - we love helping others.  when our clients share stories of how their lives have changed since switching to rocia® it amazes and inspires us..and it’s why we do what we do!

 we are, and have always been dedicated to manufacturing top-quality affordable beauty products using all-natural ingredients that are ethically sourced and cruelty-free.  try rocia® for yourself and discover the difference. if you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll give you a full refund...that’s how much we believe in our brand!”

- jacqui & sue, founders of rocia naturals