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"finally found products that work on my skin.  am soooooooooooo happy with them.   have tried so many different products and systems over the years and nothing has worked as well as your products.  wish I would have found them years ago.   thank you!"

m.j. … etobicoke, ontario

“have been searching for natural skin care products for many years now and feel very blessed to have found rocia®.  not only are they canadian but also local. i use all their skin care products designed for my skin type plus their all natural make-up. their soaps and shampoos are fabulous as well. using them is a pleasure knowing they will not harm my body with any undesired chemicals.  what i almost love the most is that they are constantly adding new, organic ingredients that enhance your experience with each product.  the latest addition and, one I am thrilled with, is their deodorant. i have tried so many to no avail and am extremely pleased with the results.  all the products i use are more effective than any store bought natural product lines offered.”

charlotte, r.n. … kingston, ontario

“i'm fifteen years old and have struggled from acne for years. i tried all the big name acne brands but none of them worked well enough for me to see a difference.  i started using the rocia® acne line at the beginning of the summer and my face hasn't been this clear for i don't even know how long. it gave me a huge confidence boost knowing I could go into town without makeup on and not have to worry about how my skin looks. and now that i'm starting at a new school i know acne is one thing i won't have to stress about. i'm never using any other brands again. rocia® all the way.”

lyndsay … belleville, ontario

“by february of this year my skin had exploded.  my acne was the worst it has been since high school, i felt defeated, self-conscious and completely helpless.  i was really concerned that my nutrition clients wouldn't see me as a credible professional, it was so frustrating.  february i started using a natural skin care line but after 3 months, my skin was not improving the way i had hoped.  then in may i started using the rocia® products you had sent - what a blessing!  in the first week my skin was feeling so much softer, i couldn’t believe the improvement!  i absolutely love the acneic product line, every single product feels fantastic on my face and they smell wonderful too!  my skin is doing wonderfully now, i maybe see 1 new pimple a week, which is usually taken care of within 5 days or so.  the redness has been drastically reduced and my skin feels so soft and healthy.  i’m now just waiting for the acne scars to fade.  i absolutely love the mineral make up samples you sent!  the coverage is so nice and light yet totally effective and the colours match perfectly too!”

danielle, r.h.n.

“i am writing to tell you about the results i have had with your skin care products.  i have suffered from adult acne all my life and have breakouts every month. i have delicate skin, which scars easily and so the acne was making me look blotchy after it healed.  i immediately felt a relief when i began using your skin care line as it calmed my skin.  as the scars began to heal, my skin no longer broke out and it made me wonder if perhaps i had been allergic to the ingredients in commercial soaps???  it is no small thing to be able to look in the mirror and see my own face again … I know I have the rocia® products to thank for it.  thank you for making these products available … my favourites being the olive oil cleansing cake and the balancing toner.  i would recommend this product line to everyone as the natural answer to skin care.”

erin … belleville, ontario

“never before have i had such positive results using a skin care line. rocia® products are natural and your skin knows it!  in fact, after seeing great results personally introduced rocia® to my 9 year old son who suffered from an acne and skin rash problem.  within a few short months his complexion cleared and his confidence increased.  at the end of the day, i am passionate about rocia® because it simply works and I have seen the results and benefits of the products.  i have never looked better and i love the make-up line too!”

deanne ….belleville, ontario


“i received a rocia® soap basket for my birthday and now that i’ve tried natural soaps i’ll never go back to synthetics.  i love them all but my favourite is the rosemary-mint soap—it’s awesome.  i can’t get over how creamy the lather is and how yummy it smells.”

andrea … london, ontario


“i love the rocia® makeup!  i look great—very subtle natural look and the mineral makeup feels so good on my skin!”

marie … trenton, ontario


"i've struggled with oily skin and acne my whole life; i've tried every promising product line and spent hundreds of dollars in search of the non-medicinal cure from utah to alberta. it was all in vain. i started using rocia® mineral makeup and balance cleanser in march 2013 and my i saw awesome results in the first week! my pores were smaller and my skin was less oily. so i slowly added in the rest of the skin care line. now, 4 months later I get compliments almost daily on how beautiful and radiant my skin is! i still tear up every time someone compliments my skin because until i found rocia®, i’d never had skin worth complimenting. i now wear very little make up, if any, because i now have a healthy radiant glow! thank you sue and jacqui for creating the best natural product on the continent; making it affordable, and restoring self-esteem one face at a time :)"

vanessa … oakville, ontario

“i have received so many compliments since i started using the rocia® line! the skin care system has made my skin feel wonderful. i wouldn’t have believed it but the fruit acid lotion has helped lighten my age spots and since I’ve been using rocia® mineral foundation, you can’t see them at all!   I am very, very pleased with the rocia® line.”

valarie … belleville, ontario

"i like all the rocia® products I’ve tried and I will definitely continue to buy most, if not all of them.  and I’ll recommend them to my friends. if I had to make any kind of negative comments, i would say the packaging of the make-up products is not as nice as what’s inside, which might lead someone who was looking at  rocia® somewhere other than in your showroom (where they could try them) not to buy. i know packaging is expensive (and probably accounts for much of the cost of the more outrageously priced cosmetics), but a little higher end might not hurt. I have no problems with the packaging for the skin care products. i especially like that most of them are of a size that can be carried on airplanes. my other comment is that, while I don’t mind the smell of the skin care products, it doesn’t do anything much for me, but that, i realize, is entirely personal.  i’m so glad you’re here! well done!"

joanna… brighton, ontario