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Rocia® Naturals

Organic Olive Oil Cleansing Cake


  • this exceptional product (rich in vitamins and antioxidants) moisturizes while its creamy lather gently cleanses even the most delicate skin ...  100% pure, perfume free, baby-mild ... great for acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

    suitable for the following skin types: normal-oily, sensitiverosacea-prone

  • wash face morning & night.  follow with toner.

  • ingredients properties
    saponified organic olive oil*

    chemical reaction - fats / oils combining with lye, resulting in 5 parts soap / 1 part organic glycerin

    antioxidant rich

    softens & moisturizes

    mineral salts

    * olive oil is “saponified” into soap by the addition of sodium hydroxide (which is neutralized in the process).

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